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World's Brightest diamonds | World's Best Price

And we can prove it!



These diamonds have been hand picked and independently tested to outshine 90-95% of the worlds diamonds of the same color and clarity.

Before we put our name on it, we have it rated by two diamond rating companies who rate millions of diamonds each year(Such as GIA/AGS & GemPrint).

Once they are certified and tested in the top 10% of all stones for light performance we then capture a digital fingerprint of their shine(Gemprint) and list them here as Pressley Collection's Regality Diamonds.




With the purchase of any loose Regality Diamond. You can upgrade the stone and receive the full price of what you paid for the original stone off of your new diamond!


Original diamond and grading report must be returned at time of purchase. New purchase must be $2,000 + more than the original purchase.


Best Price Guarantee

At Pressley Collection we use not only the best and brightest diamonds, but we price them lower than available anywhere else.  After each diamond has been independently tested for light performance, the top  5-10% in the world earn our Regality title. If you find ANY other light performance rated diamond of equal characteristics at a better price than ours, call us and we will beat it.  After all we carry " The world's brightest diamonds at the world's best price." 

*Best price guarantee - If you find an advertised offer for a light performance rated diamond rated in the top 5-10% or rated excellent/ideal in its light performance categories we will match or beat the price. If we can't beat the price we will send you a free gift such as one of our watches.

Internet Diamonds

Jeweler's are quick to note that often times these diamonds don't stand up to their rating the same as 'store diamonds' sometimes appearing hazy or simply not as bright as the diamonds reserved for in person showings.

Store Diamonds

These are diamonds typically reserved for in store locations and are often priced higher than internet diamonds. At Pressley Collection this is the minimum diamond standard we offer but at internet diamond prices!

Regality (Light Brilliance DIamonds)

These diamonds have exhibited more brilliance and flash so they were sent off to be tested and came back scoring in the top 5-10% of diamonds of equal characteristics for brilliance, light performance, flash and fire.

Regality Loose Diamonds

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