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If utter perfection is what you seek then look no further! This necklace features absolutely exquisite 8-10.5mm Tahitian cultured pearls with vibrant green overtones. Upon close examination of each cultured pearl you will find that there is virtually no blemishes on their surfaces, you will notice that they have mirror like luster to the point that you can actually see your own reflection in the surfaces and when you roll them across the table you will notice that they are perfectly round in shape. It is one thing to own a "AAA" Gem quality Tahitian cultured pearl necklace but it is entirely another to own one in this incredibly rare shade of vibrant green matched to absolute perfection. We award this strand with our highest level of recommendation as each and every cultured pearl in is "AAA" gem quality. This necklace has been finished with a 14k white gold and diamond clasp..




AAA Imperial Tahitian Pearl Strand 8-10.5MM

$12,500.00 Regular Price
$7,500.00Sale Price
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