O U R  C I R C L E

You being here(on this page) means you are a family or friend of the Pressley's or were referred by someone who is family or a friend or one of our ministry partners. Welcome!

Benefits of shopping in "OUR CIRCLE":

  •   Specialized pricing, even lower than our already "BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!" (Use promo code "Ourcircle")

  •   Direct access to Anthony's Worldwide Network of Jewelers and wholesalers - We will find almost any item for you or have it created from anywhere in the world and all at a WHOLESALE price!

  •   Anthony Pressley's personal Cell phone number for direct access. 225.773.0298 (Don't give this number out please). 

  •   Referral benefits. For discounted pricing type in the promo code (ourcircle) or mention code (ourcircle) and have any referrals include your name so a referral benefit can be given to you (this benefit can be jewelry, watches, store credit and cash bonuses!)